Playing A Single Line

Ok, so you play Ďone linersí I guess you already know that picking the 'right' numbers means you win - but did you know picking the 'WRONG right' numbers can mean your jackpot could be very disappointing indeed!

Disappointed At Winning The Jackpot - How Come?
It's true. If you play the same set of numbers as 500 other people, what happens when you hit the jackpot?  Exactly, the prize is split between 500 people - so your life changing $10 million you were getting very excited about spending suddenly evaporates to become a measly $20,000!

Surely that couldn't happen - there are billions of combinations of numbers people could pick right?  There are, but a lot of people do NOT pick randomly.  Have you ever played commonly recognised 'lucky' numbers such as 7 and 11?  Or what about birthdays of family and friends?

Or unbelievably, what about the combination 1,2,3,4,5,6! So many people have read that playing 1,2,3,4,5,6 has just as much chance of a jackpot as any other set of numbers - that hundreds, even thousands actually play those numbers every week.  It is correct of course, they DO have exactly the same chance as any other set of numbers - but if those numbers
come up there are going to be hundreds of extremely surprised and disappointed people sharing a very small slice of the pie.

10 Tips (Mostly Don'ts)
So, here are 10 tips on picking numbers to minimise your chances of having to share a jackpot:

  1. Don't pick 7 or 11 (lucky for who!)

  2. Make sure at least 2 of your numbers are NOT in the birthday range (days 1 to 31)

  3. Don't pick a series of numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,6.

  4. Don't make a pattern on your ticket (lines in any direction, squares, star shapes etc).

  5. In fact, don't use a ticket when youíre picking your numbers - it tempts you to pick the same way other people do.

  6. Pick in a truly random fashion, e.g. pieces of paper out of a bag, then eliminate numbers you don't want to play as above.

  7. Don't pick numbers according to 'hot' or 'cold' numbers - large numbers of people do exactly this. They'll be so disappointed if they ever win!

  8. Don't pick numbers according to a 'tip' service (just imagine how many other people will use the same numbers)

  9. Don't pick numbers that have already won, especially not from recent draws - many people pick them as lucky!

  10. Don't pick numbers based on an arithmetic sequence, such as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 01, 11, 21, 31, 41, 49.

If you must play single lines, then please feel free to use the random number generator below as often as you wish.

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Remember what we said though -  more entries gives you more chances of winning? Well that really is the way to go.
Hitting the target
Let me illustrate the point with a little shooting contest.  Iím going to put 6 lottery balls close together on a fence and you have six shots at them.  How many do you think you could hit? Now thatís kind of a dumb question really because you donít know what youíre shooting with yet, do you?  Ok, letís say thereís an air pistol, an air rifle and a shotgun. If you had the choice, which would you chose?

Whatís that you said? The shotgun?  Smart choice - I guess you know when a shotgun is fired all those pellets that are crammed into the cartridge spread out so it's easier to hit the target.  Guess what Ė that was my choice too and as the shotgun belongs to me, you may have to use the air pistol or air rifle.  ĎThatís not fairí, you say.  Well, neither is the lottery because, as you already know, the odds are stacked against you.  You see we donít win by playing fair; we win by playing with an advantage.

So what's my point?
My point is simple, if you play single lines on the lottery it's like using the air pistol - you have to have a VERY steady hand; you might get lucky but your chances of hitting all the balls is very small.  If you play multiple lines, it's like using the air rifle - you use both hands and your shoulder to steady the weapon therefore you have a better chance of hitting one of the balls.  When you play in a syndicate, it's like using the shotgun - you have 6 cartridges and each of them has lots of pellets any of which could hit one of the balls.  You could even hit all the balls with one blast!

Now you know how come I chose (and get to use) the shotgun!

Maybe You Don't Want To Buy More Tickets

Now I understand you may not want to buy any more tickets and you don't have to.  You can always play more lines, but play less often.  It's that simple. If you currently play 1 line in your favourite weekly draw, consider playing 4 lines once every 4 weeks.  The cost is exactly the same but you just increased your chances of winning.  That's because you are covering more possible number combinations in a single draw.  Even though you have zero chance in the draws you don't enter, you're actually better off overall.

If you currently play more than one draw a week, consider combining your money from the other draws and put it all into 1 draw per week. Consolidate on the one draw with the best chances of winning but which still gives you a life-changing jackpot.

Or here's a fun way to play - how about saving up all your entries and only enter jackpot rollover draws?  You never know when you will play, but when you do those jackpots can be HUGE.  And if you're going to win a jackpot, you may as well make it a really BIG one!

Let's Sum Up Single Line Playing
You've probably gathered by now that I really don't believe there is much chance of winning by playing single lines.  If you really want to improve your chances of winning then you ought to consider playing multiple lines either on your own or in a syndicate.  You'll be amazed at how your odds improve.

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